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10 things I will definitely teach my children

1.) The world is a whirlpool, you have to work so hard just to keep your head above the water.

2.) Brush your teeth regularly, don’t prick your pimples.

3.) Enjoy the beauty and innocence of being young, you’ll miss it when you get old. Enjoy school.

4.) As you grow older you will realize that the 2 best things in life is sleep and a good shower.

5.) Grab every opportunity. Live the moment. Patience is a virtue. Love is a verb. Time takes time you know.

6.) Be your best and you can do that by being yourself.

7.) Alcohol and cigarette does no good, they are human arsenic.

8.) Know your passion and live them.

9.) Exercise and balance diet.

10.) Be the person you want others to be. Love God by action not words.


July 4, 1946.

As the American flag was lowered and the Filipino flag was raised, many people cried in the audience. It was a long time that they sought it. And now, it’s theirs. 

It was 67 years ago, that the Filipino people FINALLY got the United States to recognize the Independence of the Philippines, long proclaimed in 1898 but aborted. Even when the islands underwent many scars—the Philippine-American War, the Japanese Invasion, and the Destruction of Manila, and freedom seemed like a dream than a reality, many Filipinos… an entire generation from 1896 to 1946, contributed to this freedom. They took the battle from the fields to the mountains, and when it didn’t work, they took it to the debating halls of the US Senate and never wavered. When it was snatched from them by another invader, they persisted. We celebrate their lives and legacy, as we look towards the future with hope, as a nation of peoples with shared experiences and hopes to whom Rizal would refer to as “Filipinos,” members of the patria.



Six amazing orchids that look like animals:

  1. Monkey Face Orchid (Dracula simia) - These rare orchids only grow in the cloud forests of southeastern Ecuador and Peru at elevations of 1,000-2,000 meters on the side of mountains. Smells like a ripe orange.
  2. Bee Orchid (Ophrys apifera) - It resembles a female bumblebee visiting a pink flower to attract the attention of male bees.
  3. Pink Moth Orchid (Phalaenopsis sp.) - Looks like it has a little bird’s head guarding the flower nectar. 
  4. White Egret Orchid (Habenaria radiata) - The flower looks like the bird is spreading its fluffy white feathers, getting ready to take off.
  5. Holy Ghost Orchid(Peristeria elata) - has a beautiful dove shaped center.
  6. Flying Duck Orchid (Caleana major). It’s a small orchid, about 50 cm tall, that grows in eastern and southern Australia.


^These are so cool!  Orchids are an amazing group of plants — they are often highly endemic and specialized; many have very specific mutualisms with insects and fungi.  Unfortunately, this high degree of specialization means they are vulnerable to extinction.

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